Migris also offer a range of other services, centered around our technology.

Joint-Industry Projects

Parts of our software technology has been developed through projects in cooperation with oil companies. We are currently working on the MigriComplex project with Statoil, ENI and Tullow Oil as project partners and sponsors.

Customization of the Migri software

For clients licensing our software, we offer services (projects) were we tailor our software to the clients’ specific needs. This may be e.g. loaders for the clients own file formats or implementation of the clients own algorithms as plug-in modules to Migri. The client may also choose to use only the Core Migri simulator as a library (Migri API) and access this directly from their own software code. The Migri API is available for licensing or purchase as a separate product.  Please contact us for more details.


Migris offers training courses in usage of the Migri software. Most usual are 1-2 days introductory courses for small groups (5-10 people), covering the most important features in the software. We also run advanced courses, where the participants may work on their own datasets. Such courses can be arranged either at our offices in Trondheim or at the client’s own premises.

Please contact us or return later for more information about our additional services.