North Sea Studies

North Sea Charge

Migris has been conducting a hydrocarbon maturity, generation and hydrocarbon migration simulation study for the Norwegian North Sea.

Utsira High Charge Atlas

Migris now offers a multi-client study assessing the probabilities of hydrocarbon charge in the Greater Utsira High area.

Horda Platform Charge Atlas

We have performed high-resolution probabilistic charge modelling in the Horda Platform area. Results are available for purchase.

Tampen Spur Charge Atlas

We are now offering a brand new high-resolution 3D charge modelling study in the North Sea: The Tampen Spur Charge Atlas.

Barents Sea Studies

Barents Sea Charge

Migris has been conducting a hydrocarbon maturation, generation, migration, and leakage simulation study of the southern Norwegian Barents Sea.

Hoop area study

Migris is now upgrading our Hoop area charge study to incorporate recent drilling results. The study is open for early participation until February 2018.

Additional Studies and Services

Single client studies

We perform petroleum systems analysis and migration modelling consultancy work, integrating the clients own data with our own modelling framework.

Additional services

We offer services such as Joint Industry Development Projects and training, customization, development and maintenance of our software Migri.