Studies & Services

Multi-Client Studies

  • Digital maps and of hydrocarbon maturity, oil and gas generation histories and hydrocarbon migration modeling results
  • Investigations of important sensitivities and uncertainties (e.g. P10-P90 results) using stochastic methods
  • Useful in assessing where to explore for prospective areas and understanding the petroleum charge systems of the study area
  • Can be used as framework for our in-depth Single Client Studies using high resolution local maps

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Single-Client Studies

  • Our geoscientists perform an in-depth, high resolution study of a licensed area, prospect, basin or play
  • Client normally provides additional data, such as maps, wells and faults.
  • Single-Client Studies can be customized to accurately describe and minimize exploration risk using the clients geological model and interpretation.

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We offer a range of services to our clients:

  • Joint Industry Development Projects
  • Customization of our software Migri
  • Ongoing development and maintenance of our software products
  • Training in the use of our software

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