We are visiting Houston – meet us there!

One of the more important processes modelled in Migri is the generation and primary migration of oil and gas out of the source rocks. Learn more about us and our technology for unconventionals during our visit to Houston, 13 – 17 October.

Migris is participating in an Innovation Norway sponsored effort to introduce Norwegian technology to companies in the US unconventionals market. In the week of 13-17 October, we and the other participating companies will visit Houston.

Meet us in the Houston area!
If your company would like to discuss with us how our technology can be used to aid in the search for sweet spots and reduce the risks of your unconventional play, we would be very interested in talking to you. This would allow us to discuss in detail how we could use a generation pattern such as the one in the Figure to assess the potential of your long lateral wells, and demonstrate simulations with our software. Call us or send us an email and we’ll meet up during our visit!

Figure:  Modelled oil generation in a model with 100 sublayers within a source/reservoir. A horizontal cutting plane shows the different sublayers in the upper figure while the lower figure shows a profile across the field. Note how the oil generation changes within the most productive sublayer from west to east. A possible well path is plotted on the profile (yellow line).

High resolution representation
In Migri, our simulation software, each source rock layer can be modelled as many sublayers. By splitting a 100 meter section into 100 sublayers, one can easily model the generation of hydrocarbons at 1 meter vertical resolution. This allows for a high resolution representation of the source rock description used as input to the modelling. When modelling unconventional petroleum systems, we can put this high resolution modelling into a Monte Carlo simulation approach, the result of which can be compiled into P90 and P10 oil and gas generation volumes. These results can form input to shale oil resource estimations.

Read more about our technology, our software Migri or contact us for more information.