Experience simple, lightweight and quick charge modelling. MigriX is based on Migris’ leading petroleum systems modelling technology and provide fast and reliable answers for routine evaluations.


  • Full 3D dynamic basin model
  • Easy drag & drop model setup
  • Fast and interactive simulations
  • Low cost – $2000/year



Next generation probabilistic 3D hydrocarbon migration modelling software. Describes and reduces exploration risk by simulating and visualizing the migration and entrapment of oil and gas within geological layers.


  • High-resolution 3D models
  • Fast and interactive simulations
  • Probabilistic charge modelling
  • Detailed numerical description of migration as a geological process



Free 3D viewer. Multi case visualization of 3D models and animation results from Migri. Makes it easy to share exported simulation results with partners and colleagues.
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  • Download and share freely
  • High performance graphics
  • Multi-case comparison
  • Encrypted and password-protected VTFx files


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