November 2020: Fault migration modelling is now supported in MigriX

MigriX is our lightweight, low-cost tool for 3D hydrocarbon charge analyses. It is based on the technology found in the Migri expert toolkit and enables efficient communication and swift, seamless model transfer between explorationists and basin modelling experts.

Drag and drop 3D model
The software is ideal for quick analyses of source rock maturities, generated HC volumes in drainage areas and migration routes into traps. Simulations are performed in a full 3D geomodel using dynamic burial histories. Drag and drop model construction and HC injection options allows for fast and easy testing of alternative migration routes and fill/spill fairways.

Fault migration modelling in MigriX
We are pleased to announce that MigriX now also supports fault migration modelling. Faults in MigriX are represented as irregular mesh elements which accurately follow the mapped fault planes. The fault segments can be described as open, partly sealing, or fully sealing to flow. When cross-fault migration within the same layer is modelled, all the trapped oil will spill before the gas starts to spill.

Free trial of MigriX
The figures above show two examples of migration along partly sealing faults within our open UK CNS basin model. This model is based on the public data from the UK Oil and Gas Authority and can be freely downloaded from our open data page A free one-month trial of MigriX is available if you want to test out the UK model yourself.

Go to to learn more about MigriX and start your free trial.