New release of Migri software

Migris AS is pleased to announce the release of Migri version 1.2 which is available for download from with the following highlights:

  • New RiskChart tool – Analysis of misfit and input distributions of stochastic simulation series
  • MigriBees can now be launched on remote servers, including Amazon computing cloud.
  • New Quickplot tool – Make scatterplots, crossplots, histograms etc. of Migri data.
  • Well and calibration data loading from SQLite database.
  • Profiles are now draggable within the 3dview.
  • Plot uncertainties (e.g. P90, P10, standard deviation) for input parameters.

See release news for a detailed list of improvements in Migri version 1.2. The RiskChart functionality has been used in our AAPG ACE Houston presentation to be held on April 7th.

Illustration of Migris Calibration
RiskChart tool: Analysis of 100 simulation runs from a Monte Carlo series, sorted from lowest (left) to highest (right) global misfit (error). Each column in the chart represents one simulation run. The chart colours show deviation for each of the calibration points (modelled-observed hydrocarbon column heights in meters). Perfect matches are shown in white colour. Notice how Ula (row 2) has few simulations runs with low errors while troll Øst (row 6) has many runs with low errors.