MigriX provides the exploration geologist with a lightweight tool for fast and simple analysis of the petroleum systems – streamlining your team’s workflow.

Charge modelling is often considered a time-consuming task, relying on complicated and expensive modelling tools that require expert skills to operate. With the launch of the MigriX tool we now remove this barrier and make our unique technology available for all exploration geologists and geophysicists.

Take charge of the petroleum system:

  • Full 3D dynamic basin model
  • Easy model setup
  • Fast hydrocarbon generation and migration simulations
  • Rapid answers for routine evaluations
  • Efficient team workflow
  • Low cost – $300 per month or $2500/year
  • Advanced process descriptions

MigriX is built on our fast solution schemes and a methodologically innovative and detailed description of geological processes. MigriX is based on the technology found in the Migri expert toolkit and enables efficient communication and swift, seamless model transfer between explorationists and basin modelling experts

MigriX is ideal for routine analyses of the petroleum systems, such as:

Maturity evaluation

  • Model vitrinite (%Ro) maturity for each layer
  • Show transformation ratio evolution for source rocks
  • Maturity levels (oil window, gas window) through time
  • Test alternative kinetic models and thermal histories

Drainage area analysis

  • Investigate drainage and spill areas for individual traps
  • Dynamic evolution of drainage areas through time
  • Evaluate source rock maturity in basins and areas
  • Calculate expelled volumes from each source rock

Migration analysis

  • Analyse migration pathways and viable charge routes
  • Identify migration shadows
  • Test alternative fill/spill routes using HC point injection
  • Evaluate trap retention and leakage

Trap filling histories

  • Show filling histories for traps
  • Evaluate risk of trap undercharging
  • Estimate trapped volumes and phases
  • Predict trapped GOR and densities

Efficient workflow:

  • Simple and intuitive drag and drop model building
  • Supports standard G&G input data formats
  • Export results as grids, figures or animations
  • Animations can be viewed and shared using the free Migrino viewer
  • Models can be further refined in the Migri expert toolkit

See also our Tutorial videos for examples of the available functionalities in MigriX.

Experience simple, lightweight and quick charge modelling by trying out MigriX for 3 weeks at no cost:

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