Migrino is our free viewer that allows 3D visualization of exported simulation results from MigriX and Migri. Share your results with partners and colleagues.

Migrino user interface
Migrino user interface with model animation of Vitrinite Reflectance result.


  • Free download
  • Animation of basin evolution and/or uncertainties
  • Available for Windows and Linux (32 and 64 bit)
  • Can be distributed freely along with Migri and MigriX results
  • Enables full 3D interactivity and high performance graphics
  • Models can be transferred as encrypted and password-protected VTFx files
  • Multi-case comparison

Usage scenarios

  • As a communication tool for presentation, documentation and distribution of results to colleagues, management, customers and clients
  • As a collaboration tool to efficiently distribute, share and discuss analysis results with colleagues and partners
  • As a documentation tool, by including Migrino with reports to allow the recipient to interactively inspect models and results in full 3D

Windows (32 bits & 64 bits) | Linux installer (64 bits).

The download will ask for Username: migrino | Login:

Example data:
MigriAlfa basin at 0 Ma   –   Migri flow animation of MigriAlfa basin   –   Faulted MigriAlfa model